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        • Structural Steel for Residential Construction

        • Structural Steel for Commercial Construction

        • Beams, Columns & Joists

        • Custom Fabricated Railing Systems

        Structural Steel

        Anderson is a supplier of structural steel for the building construction markets in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois.  Our years of experience in the Structural Steel industry have resulted in a reputation for quality fabrications with superior fit and finish - delivered on time.  No matter the scope - commercial, industrial, retail or residential – Anderson’s customers are the top contractors in their respective fields. 

        • Steel Beams
        • Columns
        • Joist, Trusses & Metal Deck
        • Mezzanines
        • Custom Railings and Stairs

        Versatile manufacturing equipment and techniques, provide the capability to quickly and economically produce a wide variety of metal fabrications to meet your needs.
        We belong to:

        American Welding Society, Supporting Company Member

        Central Fabricators Association

        American Institute of Steel Construction


        Photo Gallery