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        • Double End Row Protector

        • Floor Mounted Column Guards

        Rack Upright Protectors

        Prevent Rack and Product Damage at Aisle Entrances and Exits with End Row and Upright Post Protectors.

        A quick and economical solution to forklifts cutting too close at high traffic aisle entrances and exits, are Anderson’s selection of single- and double-guard end row protectors available to accommodate most rack end widths. All sizes are available in either heavy-duty or standard-duty construction.

        Standard-duty protectors feature a 4” x 3” steel angle and welded 3/8” thick x 12” high steel end guards. Heavy-duty protectors come with 6” x 4” steel angle and welded 1/2” thick x 12” high steel end guards.

        • Double-guard lengths: 36”, 42”, 44” or 48”; extension angles, custom lengths and custom guard heights available
        • Left or right single-guard lengths: 36”, 39”, 42”, 44”, 45”, 47”, 48”, 50”, 51”, 53”, 54”, 56”, 57”, 60”; extension angles, custom lengths and custom guard heights available
        • Concrete anchors included
        • Safety yellow, powder-coated finish


        Upright Post Protector
        Improve Pallet Rack Visibility and Decrease Forklift Damage

        • Made from structural steel channel and 3/8” thick base plates
        • Four holes in each base plate for 1/2” concrete anchors (concrete anchors included) ?
        • Available in the following heights: 12”, 18” and 24”; custom sizes by request?
        • Safety yellow, powder- coated finish

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