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        • Cantilever Rack Arms with Safety Poles & Sockets

        • Protective Plastic End Caps

        Cantilever Rack Options and Accessories

        Anderson offers a wide assortment of Options and aftermarket Accessories for cantilever storage rack systems. Consult sales for details. Call 269-983-5543 or email info@abmrack.com 

        Options must be included with the initial cantilever system order, whereas Accessories can be ordered anytime.

        Some of the Accessories available from Anderson include:

        • Protective plastic end caps
        • Safety pole and socket for arm
        • Safety pole for the base
        • Shelving - grating

        Cantilever Options include:

        • Roof support systems
        • Single-sided cantilever rack
        • Double-sided cantilever rack
        • Number of arms per upright
        • Welded end stops on arms and bases
        • T-sheds
        • Single-sided sheds

        Anderson Cantilever Rack Brochure

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        Anderson Guarding Products Brochure

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