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        About us

        For nearly 80 years . . .
        Anderson Building Materials has been dedicated to providing quality products, efficient service, and integrity in our relationships with our customers. This has been the basis of Anderson's business and, we believe, the reason Anderson Building Materials has grown and prospered.

        Anderson's customer base ranges from small business to Fortune 500 companies. Yet, each receives the same attention to detail and outstanding customer care. This customer service, along with quality products, innovation, commitment to excellence and delivery schedules are the qualities that set Anderson Building Materials Company apart from the competition.

        Vision . . .
        Located in St. Joseph, Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan, Anderson Building Materials was founded in 1935 as a heavy structural steel fabricator. Through the years, Anderson's scope has broadened to include a wide variety of manufactured products and value-added services. Under private ownership and direction, Anderson Building Materials continues to explore new opportunities and remains dedicated to providing the best customer service and products in our industry.

        Knowledge . . .
        As with any successful business, Anderson's people are its greatest asset. Well trained, quality employees are the backbone of Anderson Building Materials Company. Through guidance and membership in trade organizations such as the American Institute Of Steel Construction (A.I.S.C.), American Welding Society (A.W.S.) and Central Fabricators Association (CFA), The Material Handling, Logistics and Supply Chain Association (MHI) Anderson has kept abreast of the technical changes that have allowed us to remain competitive in today's world.

        Investment . . .
        Through capital improvements in facilities, training, process improvements and automated equipment, Anderson is continually striving to improve the design and quality of its products. The addition of robotic welding systems, beam and anglelines have increased production efficiency as well as capacity.

        Achievement . . .
        As a Cantilever Rack producer since 1984, Anderson has been instrumental in the current design and fabrication standards adopted by the home center industry. Innovation, efficient manufacturing processes, and knowledge of fabrication have allowed Anderson to become one of the top producers of Cantilever Rack.