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        • Covered Cantilever Rack

        • Structural Steel Double Guard Rails

        • Structural Steel for Residential Construction

        For nearly 80 years . . .  Anderson Building Materials has been dedicated to providing quality products, efficient service, and integrity in our relationships with our customers. This has been the basis of Anderson's business and, we believe, the reason Anderson Building Materials has grown and prospered. Today, Anderson designs and manufactures cantilever rack systems found in lumber yards, big box retailers and in a wide range of industrial locations; warehouse and industrial guarding products, structural steel building materials, custom steel fabrications and general contract manufacturing services. 
        Anderson's customer base ranges from small business to Fortune 500 companies . . .  Yet, each receives the same attention to detail and outstanding customer care. This customer service, along with quality products, innovation, commitment to excellence and delivery schedules are the qualities that set Anderson Building Materials Company apart from the competition.
        Vision . . .  Located in St. Joseph, Michigan, near the shores of Lake Michigan, Anderson Building Materials was founded in 1935 as a heavy structural steel fabricator. Through the years, Anderson's scope has broadened to include a wide variety of manufactured products and value-added services. Under private ownership and direction, Anderson Building Materials continues to explore new opportunities and remains dedicated to providing the best customer service and products in our industry.


        Cantilever Rack

        Structural Cantilever Rack systems for the lumber, retail and industrial markets in single sided, double sided and roof support designs

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        Guarding Products

        Easy-to-install guarding products prevent rack and product damage at aisle entrances and exits

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        Structural Steel

        Anderson is a supplier of structural steel fabrications and components for the building construction markets in Michigan, Indiana, Ohio and Illinois, as well as components for OEM equipment builders.

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        Contract Manufacturing

        From custom “one-of-a-kind” to full production run quantities, Anderson has the experience and expertise to manufacture your steel parts, components or products

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